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An art society for contemporary art. The »Registered Society for the Support of Socially Relevant Art Projects« was founded in 1986, by a group of artists who wished to create a platform for the realization of their own projects. In the autumn of 1993, the society took over the Bellevue-Saal exhibition space from the city, and the allocation of two artist residencies. The artists in residence live and work, for four months, in the generous studio space of the Schulberg Art-House in Wiesbaden.

Originally the Bellevue-Saal was the restaurant of the noble health resort hotel Bellevue. It is situated in the Wilhelmstraße, so it is near to the State Museum, the Naussau Art Society, the Villa Cementine House of Literature and the State Theatre. In 2006 the art society was awarded the city of Wiesbaden’s Prize for Culture.

The society is a member of the Registered German Art Society Work Group. (AdKV – »Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Kunstvereine e.V.«)

The Concept

The exhibitions are based on the formula »1:1«. An artist from the region and an artist from outside the region, develop a concept for a joint exhibition in the Bellevue-Saal.

There are two additional forms of solo exhibitions. At the end of their stay in Wiesbaden, each resident artist presents the work developed during their residency. There is also an exhibition series called »Artists over 60« in which the art society presents art from older artists whose work, in our opinion, deserves more public regard.

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